Pure Solutions quality plastic fabrication

Non-Metallic Solutions specializes in the fabrication of rigid plastics for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.


Understanding our Customers

Non-Metallic Solutions - Facility and TeamNon-Metallic Solutions - Facility and TeamWith decades of fabrication experience, Non-Metallic Solutions also has a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. While an understanding of Bioprocess is certainly important; an even greater value is matching the unique customer facility requirements with the unique capabilities of Non-Metallic Solutions. Coupling world class fabrication with industry specific knowledge allows Non-Metallic Solutions to fulfill even the toughest customer requirements.

Absolute Quality

Non-Metallic Solutions - Crevice FreeNon-Metallic Solutions - Facility and TeamGiven that the products produced at Non-Metallic Solutions are used in the manufacturing of medicinal therapies, the utmost in quality is imperative. Non-Metallic Solutions employs a robust manufacturing process. Ensuring LOT traceability, biocompatibility certifications, and adherence to customer specifications. Each of these facets are backed by a change notification process that ensures a strong relationship between Non-Metallic Solutions and the Customer.


Customization Options

Non-Metallic Solutions - Facility and TeamNon-Metallic Solutions - PassivationThe third facet of the NMS way is customization. While Bioprocesses are similar, each customer and facility is unique. Let Non-Metallic Solutions’ experienced staff work with you to design the best solution for your unique process. Quality, safety, and economics are paramount in any of our design efforts.